Monday, June 29, 2009

Purrrrride Weekend!!!

It was Gay Pride weekend in our beautiful city and the SF/SPCA came out in full force to support the community! We even unveiled our brand new van and brought our mascots, Miss Emmy & Sloan to please the crowds.

Check out the day in pictures:


The New SF/SPCA Van will help us reach out to shelters all over the Bay Area



Getting prepped to walk the Purrrrade


Festive friends


Oops, almost revealed our mascots identity!


Our mascots will out-cute your mascots.


Tugging the "Senior Shuttle"


The March Begins!


Miss Emmy needs a helping hand


All good times must come to an end.

The San Francisco SPCA wishes to thank its sponsors: Fifth Age of Man, Pedigree and The American Humane Association for our amazing new van.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mingle, Meow, A Match Is Made!

By Daniel Quagliozzi


This week's CATNIP mixer at the San Francisco SPCA's Maddies Adoption Center was a smashing success. Cat lovers from all over the city came to Meet their Matches and mix it up with our fabulous felines. The event went off without a hitch and we are so glad that we got the chance to reach out to our supporters in such a fun way.

Attendees line up at the Catnip bar for delicious cocktails, wine and refreshments

Cat Behavior Specialist; Jamey Walker scores the Meet You Match Survey

Our Catnip Party was themed around our Felinality Program which is very user friendly and helps people to match themselves with appropriate feline companions based on their answers. It is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers — only questions intended to gauge your expectations in a pet and determine what type of cat would be best suited to your home. It's also a helpful tool in matching a new cat with any cats already in your home.

When the survey is scored, SPCA volunteers are able to determine what "felinality" suits you best. For example, most folks grade out as ideal Sidekick guardians. In turn, most of our cats grade out as Sidekicks, a middle-of-the road cat who's social and affectionate, deals fairly well with new situations and enjoys play.

Two party-goers check out the descriptions of each Felinality on our wall chart

After getting their score and finding out which cats they were compatible with, potential adopters were free to roam the halls, enjoy some finger food and begin the meet and greet portion of the party. Our ever-ready volunteers made sure to guide each person to their appropriate match. Of course, there were plenty of detours on the way. There are always distractions in a building filled to the roof with beautiful creatures.

Another match made in just minutes

The SF/SPCA has a huge variety of cats in the summer months. Not only are we flooded with kitten cuteness, but we also have some very unique adults that need a special someone to take them home. Cats like Jennyanydots are just waiting for the right moment to show you their talents.

Who says the personals are just for people?

Well folks, the party may be over, but we still need your help. The San Francisco SPCA appreciates all the support we have received during Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. We just want you to know that every day of the year is a great time to open your home and your heart to an animal that needs you.


I'm still waiting. Don't forget me, ok?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mix It Up & Meet Your Match


Did you forget that the SF/SPCA was hosting a wicked cool party this Thursday? Well, now you have no excuse. What, you have laundry to do? You're washing your hair that night? How can you say such things when there are 100 + Festive felines waiting for you to take them home?

Take the Felinality survey and match yourself up with the perfect cat companion. It's like a dating service only you don't have to make any small talk! Enjoy a refreshment, some delicious finger food and mingle with the cat-crazy community of San Francisco!

Catnip Mixer, Meet Your Match at the San Francisco SPCA from San Francisco SPCA on Vimeo.

Need some inspiration? See you at the Catnip Party!!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rescue, Recycle, Renew.....REMARKABLE RESULTS!

By Daniel Quagliozzi

SFSPCA Adoption Fair

After an amazing weekend of adoptions, animals & awareness, the San Francisco SPCA is proud to reveal the results of our Rescue, Recycle, Renew Adoption Fair. We hosted close to 20 local rescue groups on the grounds of the new Leanne B. Roberts Animal Care Center, drawing huge crowds of adopters, cat, dog and small animal enthusiasts and many, many mobile canine companions. It's too bad cats don't like to socialize as much!

SFSPCA Adoption Fair

In just six hours, the SF/SPCA found loving homes for 31 cats (Including Sugarfoot & Gus two long term LDYK favorites) & 11 dogs. Our sponsored rescue groups placed a combined total of 20 animals, including dogs, cats, chinchillas, rabbits and birds.


People came from all over the city & county to help out a really good cause. How could you say no a to face like the one above? The Adoption fair brought the unsung heroes to the community and really helped to put faces to the names of so many rescues that are working extremely hard during these very tough times.


As mentioned in blogs prior, this summer the homeless cat population has hit local shelters heavily. "Litter Did You know" is just a drop of water in a huge ocean when it comes to getting the word out and spreading awareness about cats, their amazing qualities and their plight for staying in loving and compassionate homes.


We couldn't let this picture go unnoticed. Sure, they are dogs, don't be a hater! Look at their cute "Adopt Me" vests. A cat would never tolerate wearing something like that in public. Instead, they would rather make you wear the vest with an arrow pointing at them. Oh well, the dogs are really adorable!

SFSPCA Adoption Fair
Adopt a Shelter Month is not over yet and it's not to late for you to make a difference this summer. Come to the San Francisco SPCA or any shelter in your area and adopt a cat that needs a home. Together we can make a huge change and put an end to homeless pets!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dad Doesn't Want A Tool Set or a Tie....He Wants A Tabby!

By Daniel Quagliozzi


BABY A06201525

12 year old, Cougar on the prowl for forever love...I`m a brunette and blond, all rolled up in a tabby pattern, with lots of energy to join you in all the good things in life, like lap-sitting, following you around the house or chasing your shoelaces. I`m a little older and I don`t have many teeth left but I still have my looks, right? Please, just come in and sit with me for a while and you`ll see that I still have a lot of spark left in me. Bring a toy. I`m still up for a little playtime before relaxing with you. Looking for someone who is ready to shower me with affection and activity. Male or female, no matter. Young or old, I don’t mind. As a gal who’s been around the block, I know what’s most important! My only request is that I be your only cat. Do you think you're ready for me!?

Instead of struggling to find an appropriate Fathers Day gift this weekend, bring Dad to the SF/SPCA's Adoption Fair! There will be multitudes of torties, tabbies, tuxedos and twosomes to choose from. Let's not forget the beautiful black cats too! What's that? Dad would rather have a dog, bird, reptile ....or even a rabbit. We have that covered too! Fifteen rescue groups will be joining forces with us to make a big difference. All we need is you, Dad and all of your friends to come. Are you taking the bus? Tell everyone on board about it too!!! I'm sure the driver won't mind.


We need your votes! The San Francisco Bay Guardian is doing it's annual "Best of the Bay" awards. On page six of the ballot, you will find the following categories that the San Francisco SPCA qualifies for.

1. Best Local Blog: Litter Did You Know

2. Best Local Website:

7. Best Local Nonprofit: The San Francisco SPCA

14. Best Veterinarian: San Francisco SPCA's Leanne B. Roberts Animal Care Center

15. Best Camp for Kids: San Francisco SPCA's Humane Education Camp

*29. Best Local Animal Rescue: San Francisco SPCA


*Remember: go to page six! *

With your help and a few hundred votes, Litter Did You Know can gain some popularity and the SF/SPCA can help even more animals!


Do you have a few minutes to spare?
The San Francisco SPCA is asking friends to complete an online survey to help improve our communications and grow our programs and services.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eat, Drink and Be Mewwy

By Daniel Quagliozzi


Stella (A005709265)

In keeping with Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, we are throwing a party At The San Francisco SPCA! If you want to meet the frisky felines (dogs too) of San Francisco's most festive animal shelter and have a drink or two (don't forget to sample the finger food) to add to the ambiance of feline romance, we would love to see you at CATNIP!


Party with the staff & volunteers of the San Francisco SPCA and stare into the longing eyes of a cat or three that want to spend their lives with you! If you get a little fuzzy, you can adopt a cat the following day.


Monday, June 15, 2009


By Daniel Quagliozzi

One persons burden can easily be another persons blessing. A day does not go by that I am not reminded of the gravity of the situation happening at the SF/SPCA. Summer is officially here, although you wouldn't know it if you lived in San Francisco, as our weather has been quite foggy and a little bit humid this month. However...if you work with shelter animals in any capacity, summer has nothing to do with weather. Summer is just another word for "Kitten Season".


Daniel Quagliozzi marvels at the overwhelming number of kittens.

We brace for the summer months every year. It's not like it takes us by surprise or something. The thing is, you can never truly anticipate just how many kittens are going to invade your shelter and this year posed a very unique threat....The Economy!!! Sure, blame the economy right? Everyone is pinning their woes on the economy these days. Lets face it, people are tightening their wallets and being very mindful of their money. Parallel with poverty, people are also losing their homes and subsequently their companion animals as a result. You put the two together and what do you get? A shelter filled to rafters with cats!!


Here at the SF/SPCA we are compensating for the kitten storm in very inventive ways. Aside from being really creative about housing the cats (3 or 4 to a room and rolling kitten cages into our lobby) we are also hosting an Adoption Fair on June 20th, reducing our fees to help out our adopters ( Fees on Adult cats over 6 are WAIVED!!) and we are even having a party called "CATNIP" on June 25th.


Please spread the word about the state of affairs here at the SF/SPCA. Open your heart and your home this summer. Skip the BBQ's and chew on some food for thought instead. These little guys don't want to spend the next few months sitting in a kennel. They would much rather go home with you.


Click here to see over 130+ AMAZING SUMMER LOVERS

Wednesday, June 10, 2009



Awww, isn't this just the cutest kitten you have ever seen? Yes? Well, what are you waiting for? Get down to the San Francisco SPCA right now and get yourself a furry friend. We are OVERLOADED with kittens, adult cats and to be quite blunt...WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF ROOM!!!!

See for yourself!

We currently have 130 + cats available for adoption!!!!

For most Animal Shelters, the summer time poses a series of challenges. Kittens outweigh, outnumber and out-cute the older cats that have been waiting for homes during the spring months. To add insult to injury, the economy has not helped matters at all. People are losing their homes, jobs and in turn, losing their animals.


Romeo (A7759531) 2 yr Old Male

The SF/SPCA has seen an influx of kittens and adult cats more so than last year. We are so bogged down with cats that we actually can't take in too many more. It's a particularly stressful time for us and we are pleading for your help. We want to save as many animals in the San Francisco area from euthanasia as we can, but the breaks are on until we can find homes for the cats that currently reside in our shelter.

Please, come to our adoption center and take home one or two cats. Look!!!! We dropped our fees to help you help us:

Mature cats (6 years and older) - Waived adoption fees

Adult cats (1-5 years) $35 adoption fee

Kittens (under six months): $100 adoption fee

The SF/SPCA is having adoption fair this month. Come and support local Rescue Groups and enjoy the festivities!!!


Monday, June 8, 2009

The Chronicles of Casey "The Grouch"

By Daniel Quagliozzi


As promised, we are featuring our Offspice (office hospice) cat, Casey in today's blog. After spending a few months with this very unique feline, it's high time we told the world about his amazing qualities!


Casey came to the San Francisco SPCA through our SIDO Program after his guardian became too ill to take care of himself and his cat. With no choice but to confide in the SF/SPCA for Casey's well being, he made the choice to surrender his beautiful declawed Himalayan to our shelter. The only prior health history passed along with this very unique 14 year old was a note about mysterious seizures.

After his health check, the shelter veterinarians discovered that not only did Casey have seizures, but he also had degenerative joint disease, leaving him very achy and causing him to lumber heavily on his back legs as he attempted to walk. While shaving Casey free of mats, it was also discovered that he has extreme skin sensitivity, prompting him to bite and swat when handled near his tail and back. Casey would prove to be a very challenging cat to understand.


The Cat Behavior Office seemed like the best place for our staff to gain understanding of Casey's behavior, habits and most importantly, to keep a close watch on his seizures. Like a fish to water, he made himself very "at home" in our office, enjoying the regularity of scheduled meals, companionship from Jamey and I... and most of all, the solitude of a quiet place to take some serious nap time.

We have learned quite a bit about Casey and at this point we are quite attached to him.We found out the hard way that he likes petting on his own terms and will not tolerate any hands near his tail, sides or even near his head. Now, that doesn't mean he is untouchable. Quite simply, Casey is an aloof cat that likes his distance. When he's had enough petting, he walks away. Sometimes, he turns his back on you. If you push the issue, Casey will resort to swatting or biting. His grouchy demeanor has made us very appreciative of the beauty he so richly tries to preserve. Like a fine work of art, Casey requires a very delicate touch and must be admired from a far. His nickname became Casey "The Grouch" as he bares resemblance to Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street (in the cutest way of course).


Casey doesn't really ask for much, a trait we are not used to when sponsering a cat in our office. Most of our cats are very social, actively seek our attention (even if it means crawling on our desks while we work) and are very vocal ,which can be distracting when trying to do a behavior consulation on the phone. Casey rarely makes a peep and stays on the ground because it hurts to climb up high. He will give you the occasional nudge with his head but does not require any petting. Remember: Casey is a grouch. But....he's OUR grouch!

The official terminology for Casey's disorder is Feline Hyperesthesia or "rolling skin disease". Symptoms include extreme sensitivity to touch along the spine and tail, rolling or itchy skin, seizures, hallucinations and vocalization. This disorder is prevalent in breeds such as Siamese and Himalayans. Although we have poked fun at Casey's unique personality, his disorder is no laughing matter.


None of these behaviors or qualities make Casey un-adoptable. In fact, at the age of 14, Casey would probably be much happier living in a home. If you are interested in Casey and think that you might be able to provide a loving home for him, give medication for his achy joints and keep a close eye on his occasional seizures, feel free to email us at We can set up a time for you to come see him in his habitat.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Adoption Tails

Quentin, the (Formerly) Hard-Luck Cat


Quentin, the hard-luck cat who was found living on his own outside San Quentin Prison, has taken to the domestic life quite nicely, thank you.

The 3-year-old male was found with a badly infected eye which had to be removed and severely matted hair which had to be shaved off once he came under the care of the San Francisco SPCA.

One-eyed Willie, as he's now sometimes affectionately called, made himself right at home by jumping into bed with his humans on his very first night. And there he's stayed. "I got him a little cat bed," said Natalia Banderos, who recently adopted Quentin at the San Francisco SPCA. "But he treats our bed like it's his. He likes the couch and he likes the bed."

Quentin's long, gray hair is growing back, and the scar over his left eye socket is healing nicely, giving him the rakish look of a swashbuckler. "My boyfriend calls him One-eyed Willie and I call him Onesy," Banderos said.

She and her boyfriend had initially come into Maddie's adoption center looking for a kitten. But after looking around and meeting some of the SPCA's wonderful adult cats, they changed plans – finding themselves drawn to Quentin. "My boyfriend saw him first," she said. "He was really pretty cool. And when we went in and met him he was super loving."
Banderos says she's always liked cats, and has had four. She finds them low maintenance pets.

She's also been drawn to their ability to be independent thinkers. She had some reservations about Quentin's background, but was assured it was a good match after being interviewed by SPCA volunteers and staffers. "I was afraid he wouldn't like me because he's had such a hard life," she said.

If she had any further doubts, they were removed that first night when "Onesy" jumped in bed, cuddled against her, purred and fell asleep.

Miss Fluffy Spice Girl

miss fluffy

Miss Fluffy Spice Girl is eating well, playing with her toys and enjoying all the attention she gets. She is happy. More precisely, she is a happy senior citizen.

Christy Bergman adopted Miss Fluffy, a 17-year-old cat with signs of early renal failure at the San Francisco SPCA a year ago. Since going home, a healthy Miss Fluffy has celebrated her 18th birthday. "It's going just great," Bergman said. "Sometimes I'm surprised when I remember how old she is."

Bergman says she and her boyfriend had not necessarily been looking for an older cat when they visited Maddie's adoption center. But a certain party had other ideas. "We hit it off as soon as I met her," Bergman said, recalling their charmed first encounter. "We talked about it and decided 'hey, if we can get a couple good years, why not?'" she said.

Bergman needed some patience when she got home. It took Miss Fluffy a month to feel comfortable. In the early days she often hid under the bed or in a closet – not surprising behavior for an older cat whose routine had been disrupted.

Bergman was very happy with her experience at the SPCA. "They really understand cats there," she said. Miss Fluffy is her first cat. She had always been a dog person. She was ready to make the switch. "Our lifestyle is very busy and we're right in the middle of the city," she said. "A cat seemed ideal." And it has been an ideal experience.

Miss Fluffy still plays with toys and has developed a fondness for the barley grass Bergman buys at the Farmers' Market. All of the cats at the SPCA are altered, and the experts say cats no longer show much gender-specific behavior.

Don't tell that to Miss Fluffy. Her favorite spot in Bergman's house is in the middle of the living room, lounging on the carpet – arrayed for all to admire her beauty. And despite what the experts say, people who live with older female cats find that behavior not all that uncommon. Especially when they're feeling safe and secure in their homes.

Kitten Season at City College


On a recent day the folks in the store where Karen Sheppard works at City College held an unintended celebration of kitten season. The occasion? The arrival of litter of wandering kittens, followed soon by their feral mother.

It's a familiar scene in San Francisco. Cats breed in season. Litters, feral and otherwise, are a fixture from late spring until late fall in the streets, in the parks and in some homes with unaltered cats. Sheppard gathered the group, which had just wandered into the store, and took them to Animal Care and Control, the city's destination for stray and unwanted animals — and a primary source of the animals up for adoption at the SPCA. But it didn't end there for Sheppard, who followed the family with cat-like curiosity. She phoned frequently, learning the mother had been spayed and returned to the wilds of City College, deemed too feral to domesticate. The kittens were adopted, save one frightened male, Barnaby.

Barnaby, Sheppard learned, was still awaiting adoption at the San Francisco SPCA. "They took very good care of him," she said of the volunteers and staffers at Maddie's adoption center. "You could tell everybody cared about what they were doing, cared about animals." She took over for the SPCA, adopting the kitten and renaming him Coda. "He's doing well," she said, noting she is prepared for the patience sometimes required when raising feral kittens. "He's a little stressed."

In following the guidelines provided by the SPCA, Sheppard is keeping Coda in a small room, with his water, food and litter box all nearby. And he'll stay in his small room until he shows signs that he's ready to take on more. "We're not in a hurry," she said. "We don't want to stress him out." Sheppard describes herself as a cat person who likes dogs too. "Cats just fit my lifestyle the best," she said. And that lifestyle right now involves making time to serve as Coda's surrogate parent.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Rogue's Gallery


Is a bouncy, energetic, and mischievous kitten not quite right for your household? Are you looking for a feline companion with a bit more experience under their collar? Then... The San Francisco SPCA's Rogue's Gallery is the place for you. These cats, aged 6 years and older, are the epitome of experienced. They've turned cuddling, purring, and lap warming into a true art form. If you've got an occasional bug creeping across the floor or an empty box or newspaper just screaming to be sat on, these characters are exactly who you need to meet.

Right now, in celebration of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, adoption fees on these cats are waived, compliments of Maddie's Adoption Center.

To learn more about each one, just click on their name below, or visit Maddie's to see them live and in-person. Hurry though! They're in high demand!


Gretle (A07237027) 9-year old female

Gretle is a beautiful, 9-year old Tortie who knows she is to be treated like a princess! She will want attention on her own terms and be very affectionate once she has your understanding. She has very sensitive feet, so please don't pet her there since she may warn you with a nip. Gretle would probably do best in a home without other cats or children.


Baby (A06201525) 12-year old male

Baby is a 12-year old brown and white tabby who has lost some teeth, but she still has her looks! Baby is a friendly, chatty cat who likes attention and loves to be held. You'll see that this amiable matron still has a sparkle and still likes to play.


Mitten (A07175268) 10-year old female

Mitten is a 10-year old tabby who would like to be your best friend forever! Take a chance on a mature lady who likes petting, but on her terms and will let you know she disapproves of any rough hand play with a cranky meow. Mittens is the perfect partner for a respectful human who enjoys the company of a dignified lady.


Miss Otis (A05715041) 10-year old female

Miss Otis is a 10-year, black cat who knows exactly what she wants. She's very affectionate and enjoys petting, but she'll let you know when she's had enough! Honestly, to know her is to love her: she rolls and shows you her over-developed belly, her purr has a cute squeak and she has one giant long white whisker. Miss Otis will do best in an adults-only home.


Thomas (A05705372) 10-year old male

This handsome, 10-year old boy loves to play, and likes people a lot - but not other kitties - Thomas prefers to be the center of attention. His paws, sides and tummy are sensitive and he might give a little swat or nip if he's had enough petting; give him a time out-maybe with some of those interactive toys. Thomas is an engaging, interactive boy looking for a home with experienced cat people who'll give him lots of playtime.


Tessa (A05695932) 10-year old Female

Meet Tessa, a shy 10-year old who needs someone to help her out. She's truly loveable and once she feels she can trust you, she will purr, knead, roll and ask for petting (even belly rubs!). Tessa needs a quiet, adults-only home with someone who has a bit of time to spend with her. She is easy to live with: quiet, sensitive, loving, and calm. She responds best to a consistent environment and is quite uneasy around change.


Felix (A05757876) 12-year old male 12-year old

Felix is so cute! He looks as though he's wearing a short sleeved tuxedo. This shy boy will need some time to adjust to a new environment as well as patient adopters who can ease him into their daily routine. He loves petting on his cheeks and will purr and roll over for more. Felix the cat is one handsome and well dressed playboy.

Be a hero this summer! Adopt an older cat and help us make room for more cats in need of help.