Friday, June 19, 2009

Dad Doesn't Want A Tool Set or a Tie....He Wants A Tabby!

By Daniel Quagliozzi


BABY A06201525

12 year old, Cougar on the prowl for forever love...I`m a brunette and blond, all rolled up in a tabby pattern, with lots of energy to join you in all the good things in life, like lap-sitting, following you around the house or chasing your shoelaces. I`m a little older and I don`t have many teeth left but I still have my looks, right? Please, just come in and sit with me for a while and you`ll see that I still have a lot of spark left in me. Bring a toy. I`m still up for a little playtime before relaxing with you. Looking for someone who is ready to shower me with affection and activity. Male or female, no matter. Young or old, I don’t mind. As a gal who’s been around the block, I know what’s most important! My only request is that I be your only cat. Do you think you're ready for me!?

Instead of struggling to find an appropriate Fathers Day gift this weekend, bring Dad to the SF/SPCA's Adoption Fair! There will be multitudes of torties, tabbies, tuxedos and twosomes to choose from. Let's not forget the beautiful black cats too! What's that? Dad would rather have a dog, bird, reptile ....or even a rabbit. We have that covered too! Fifteen rescue groups will be joining forces with us to make a big difference. All we need is you, Dad and all of your friends to come. Are you taking the bus? Tell everyone on board about it too!!! I'm sure the driver won't mind.


We need your votes! The San Francisco Bay Guardian is doing it's annual "Best of the Bay" awards. On page six of the ballot, you will find the following categories that the San Francisco SPCA qualifies for.

1. Best Local Blog: Litter Did You Know

2. Best Local Website:

7. Best Local Nonprofit: The San Francisco SPCA

14. Best Veterinarian: San Francisco SPCA's Leanne B. Roberts Animal Care Center

15. Best Camp for Kids: San Francisco SPCA's Humane Education Camp

*29. Best Local Animal Rescue: San Francisco SPCA


*Remember: go to page six! *

With your help and a few hundred votes, Litter Did You Know can gain some popularity and the SF/SPCA can help even more animals!


Do you have a few minutes to spare?
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