Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rescue, Recycle, Renew.....REMARKABLE RESULTS!

By Daniel Quagliozzi

SFSPCA Adoption Fair

After an amazing weekend of adoptions, animals & awareness, the San Francisco SPCA is proud to reveal the results of our Rescue, Recycle, Renew Adoption Fair. We hosted close to 20 local rescue groups on the grounds of the new Leanne B. Roberts Animal Care Center, drawing huge crowds of adopters, cat, dog and small animal enthusiasts and many, many mobile canine companions. It's too bad cats don't like to socialize as much!

SFSPCA Adoption Fair

In just six hours, the SF/SPCA found loving homes for 31 cats (Including Sugarfoot & Gus two long term LDYK favorites) & 11 dogs. Our sponsored rescue groups placed a combined total of 20 animals, including dogs, cats, chinchillas, rabbits and birds.


People came from all over the city & county to help out a really good cause. How could you say no a to face like the one above? The Adoption fair brought the unsung heroes to the community and really helped to put faces to the names of so many rescues that are working extremely hard during these very tough times.


As mentioned in blogs prior, this summer the homeless cat population has hit local shelters heavily. "Litter Did You know" is just a drop of water in a huge ocean when it comes to getting the word out and spreading awareness about cats, their amazing qualities and their plight for staying in loving and compassionate homes.


We couldn't let this picture go unnoticed. Sure, they are dogs, don't be a hater! Look at their cute "Adopt Me" vests. A cat would never tolerate wearing something like that in public. Instead, they would rather make you wear the vest with an arrow pointing at them. Oh well, the dogs are really adorable!

SFSPCA Adoption Fair
Adopt a Shelter Month is not over yet and it's not to late for you to make a difference this summer. Come to the San Francisco SPCA or any shelter in your area and adopt a cat that needs a home. Together we can make a huge change and put an end to homeless pets!