Friday, June 26, 2009

Mingle, Meow, A Match Is Made!

By Daniel Quagliozzi


This week's CATNIP mixer at the San Francisco SPCA's Maddies Adoption Center was a smashing success. Cat lovers from all over the city came to Meet their Matches and mix it up with our fabulous felines. The event went off without a hitch and we are so glad that we got the chance to reach out to our supporters in such a fun way.

Attendees line up at the Catnip bar for delicious cocktails, wine and refreshments

Cat Behavior Specialist; Jamey Walker scores the Meet You Match Survey

Our Catnip Party was themed around our Felinality Program which is very user friendly and helps people to match themselves with appropriate feline companions based on their answers. It is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers — only questions intended to gauge your expectations in a pet and determine what type of cat would be best suited to your home. It's also a helpful tool in matching a new cat with any cats already in your home.

When the survey is scored, SPCA volunteers are able to determine what "felinality" suits you best. For example, most folks grade out as ideal Sidekick guardians. In turn, most of our cats grade out as Sidekicks, a middle-of-the road cat who's social and affectionate, deals fairly well with new situations and enjoys play.

Two party-goers check out the descriptions of each Felinality on our wall chart

After getting their score and finding out which cats they were compatible with, potential adopters were free to roam the halls, enjoy some finger food and begin the meet and greet portion of the party. Our ever-ready volunteers made sure to guide each person to their appropriate match. Of course, there were plenty of detours on the way. There are always distractions in a building filled to the roof with beautiful creatures.

Another match made in just minutes

The SF/SPCA has a huge variety of cats in the summer months. Not only are we flooded with kitten cuteness, but we also have some very unique adults that need a special someone to take them home. Cats like Jennyanydots are just waiting for the right moment to show you their talents.

Who says the personals are just for people?

Well folks, the party may be over, but we still need your help. The San Francisco SPCA appreciates all the support we have received during Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. We just want you to know that every day of the year is a great time to open your home and your heart to an animal that needs you.


I'm still waiting. Don't forget me, ok?


lisa said...

I am sooo happy kitties found homes. I am very sad I was unable to attend this important event! I hope I will be invited to the next one!

San Francisco SPCA Cat Behavior said...

Great Party!