Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Rogue's Gallery


Is a bouncy, energetic, and mischievous kitten not quite right for your household? Are you looking for a feline companion with a bit more experience under their collar? Then... The San Francisco SPCA's Rogue's Gallery is the place for you. These cats, aged 6 years and older, are the epitome of experienced. They've turned cuddling, purring, and lap warming into a true art form. If you've got an occasional bug creeping across the floor or an empty box or newspaper just screaming to be sat on, these characters are exactly who you need to meet.

Right now, in celebration of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, adoption fees on these cats are waived, compliments of Maddie's Adoption Center.

To learn more about each one, just click on their name below, or visit Maddie's to see them live and in-person. Hurry though! They're in high demand!


Gretle (A07237027) 9-year old female

Gretle is a beautiful, 9-year old Tortie who knows she is to be treated like a princess! She will want attention on her own terms and be very affectionate once she has your understanding. She has very sensitive feet, so please don't pet her there since she may warn you with a nip. Gretle would probably do best in a home without other cats or children.


Baby (A06201525) 12-year old male

Baby is a 12-year old brown and white tabby who has lost some teeth, but she still has her looks! Baby is a friendly, chatty cat who likes attention and loves to be held. You'll see that this amiable matron still has a sparkle and still likes to play.


Mitten (A07175268) 10-year old female

Mitten is a 10-year old tabby who would like to be your best friend forever! Take a chance on a mature lady who likes petting, but on her terms and will let you know she disapproves of any rough hand play with a cranky meow. Mittens is the perfect partner for a respectful human who enjoys the company of a dignified lady.


Miss Otis (A05715041) 10-year old female

Miss Otis is a 10-year, black cat who knows exactly what she wants. She's very affectionate and enjoys petting, but she'll let you know when she's had enough! Honestly, to know her is to love her: she rolls and shows you her over-developed belly, her purr has a cute squeak and she has one giant long white whisker. Miss Otis will do best in an adults-only home.


Thomas (A05705372) 10-year old male

This handsome, 10-year old boy loves to play, and likes people a lot - but not other kitties - Thomas prefers to be the center of attention. His paws, sides and tummy are sensitive and he might give a little swat or nip if he's had enough petting; give him a time out-maybe with some of those interactive toys. Thomas is an engaging, interactive boy looking for a home with experienced cat people who'll give him lots of playtime.


Tessa (A05695932) 10-year old Female

Meet Tessa, a shy 10-year old who needs someone to help her out. She's truly loveable and once she feels she can trust you, she will purr, knead, roll and ask for petting (even belly rubs!). Tessa needs a quiet, adults-only home with someone who has a bit of time to spend with her. She is easy to live with: quiet, sensitive, loving, and calm. She responds best to a consistent environment and is quite uneasy around change.


Felix (A05757876) 12-year old male 12-year old

Felix is so cute! He looks as though he's wearing a short sleeved tuxedo. This shy boy will need some time to adjust to a new environment as well as patient adopters who can ease him into their daily routine. He loves petting on his cheeks and will purr and roll over for more. Felix the cat is one handsome and well dressed playboy.

Be a hero this summer! Adopt an older cat and help us make room for more cats in need of help.

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