Wednesday, June 10, 2009



Awww, isn't this just the cutest kitten you have ever seen? Yes? Well, what are you waiting for? Get down to the San Francisco SPCA right now and get yourself a furry friend. We are OVERLOADED with kittens, adult cats and to be quite blunt...WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF ROOM!!!!

See for yourself!

We currently have 130 + cats available for adoption!!!!

For most Animal Shelters, the summer time poses a series of challenges. Kittens outweigh, outnumber and out-cute the older cats that have been waiting for homes during the spring months. To add insult to injury, the economy has not helped matters at all. People are losing their homes, jobs and in turn, losing their animals.


Romeo (A7759531) 2 yr Old Male

The SF/SPCA has seen an influx of kittens and adult cats more so than last year. We are so bogged down with cats that we actually can't take in too many more. It's a particularly stressful time for us and we are pleading for your help. We want to save as many animals in the San Francisco area from euthanasia as we can, but the breaks are on until we can find homes for the cats that currently reside in our shelter.

Please, come to our adoption center and take home one or two cats. Look!!!! We dropped our fees to help you help us:

Mature cats (6 years and older) - Waived adoption fees

Adult cats (1-5 years) $35 adoption fee

Kittens (under six months): $100 adoption fee

The SF/SPCA is having adoption fair this month. Come and support local Rescue Groups and enjoy the festivities!!!


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