Monday, June 15, 2009


By Daniel Quagliozzi

One persons burden can easily be another persons blessing. A day does not go by that I am not reminded of the gravity of the situation happening at the SF/SPCA. Summer is officially here, although you wouldn't know it if you lived in San Francisco, as our weather has been quite foggy and a little bit humid this month. However...if you work with shelter animals in any capacity, summer has nothing to do with weather. Summer is just another word for "Kitten Season".


Daniel Quagliozzi marvels at the overwhelming number of kittens.

We brace for the summer months every year. It's not like it takes us by surprise or something. The thing is, you can never truly anticipate just how many kittens are going to invade your shelter and this year posed a very unique threat....The Economy!!! Sure, blame the economy right? Everyone is pinning their woes on the economy these days. Lets face it, people are tightening their wallets and being very mindful of their money. Parallel with poverty, people are also losing their homes and subsequently their companion animals as a result. You put the two together and what do you get? A shelter filled to rafters with cats!!


Here at the SF/SPCA we are compensating for the kitten storm in very inventive ways. Aside from being really creative about housing the cats (3 or 4 to a room and rolling kitten cages into our lobby) we are also hosting an Adoption Fair on June 20th, reducing our fees to help out our adopters ( Fees on Adult cats over 6 are WAIVED!!) and we are even having a party called "CATNIP" on June 25th.


Please spread the word about the state of affairs here at the SF/SPCA. Open your heart and your home this summer. Skip the BBQ's and chew on some food for thought instead. These little guys don't want to spend the next few months sitting in a kennel. They would much rather go home with you.


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