Monday, July 6, 2009

The SF/SPCA: A vanguard in modern shelter management

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This week, we are featuring articles by Barbara Kohn of . She is doing a three-part series about the San Francisco SPCA and our amazing programs that are truly changing the ways people think about animal sheltering. Like many of us, Barbara is very passionate about cats and it shows in this great article and all of her other work!

Friday she will be featuring an interview with The SF/SPCA's Cat Behavior Specialist; Daniel Quagliozzi.

Check out the first installment!!

"The SF/SPCA is the oldest animal welfare organization on the West Coast of the United States. Founded in 1868, this humane organization has been serving the needs of lost and abandoned animals in San Francisco and its surrounding communities for its 141 years. Adding to its many achievements, its historic collaboration with the City of San Francisco and the San Francisco Department of Animal Care and Control made San Francisco the first "no-kill city" in the United States in 1994."

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The San Francisco SPCA raises the bar on shelter management for cats

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