Friday, July 3, 2009

July Rogue Gallery


Scarlett (A07211194)
5-year-old female
Scarlett is an intriguing combination of affection and play. One minute she’s on your lap, the next she’s ready to stalk a toy. Scarlett is FIV positive, and can live a normal life with a few simple precautions.


Jennyanydots (A05756035)
3 ½-year-old female
Jennyanydots is a very special cat for a special home. She is amazingly affectionate, a lap-cat through and through. However, she has a few simple rules when it comes to petting – or she may nip a warning. She’d do best in an adult household.


Sharyn (A07456590)
10-year-old female
Have you ever felt shy and a little awkward at a party? Then you know how Sharyn feels every day. She’s a very shy lady who won’t feel really comfortable until she leaves the shelter for her forever home. Once there she’ll be her loving self.


Linda (A07467889)
2-year-old female
Linda is relatively young, but she’s had experiences that go beyond her years. Despite her tender age she recently gave birth to four healthy kittens.. Now that she’s raised her kids, she’s been spayed and is ready for the next chapter of her life. Linda is a love bug.


Monkey (A07532809)
16-year-old female
Such a silly name for such a dignified lady. We suggest you change it in the car on your way home. This lady makes a wonderful companion. She loves people and will still get out on the floor and dance a step or two.


Ms. Cleo (A07564676)
9-year-old female
Searching for the perfect dinner companion? Look no further. Ms. Cleo simply loves eating with people. Of course she has perfect manners so she knows she eats from the bowl on the floor while her humans dine at the table in human fashion.


Moe (A06447291)
11-year-old male
Yes, Moe is 11. He still hasn’t learned how to act his age. He’s a cat-on-the-go, who loves laps and loves play. Moe has a monster personality, and your life with him will be a time of discovery and joy. Don’t let this one get away.


Luna (A06405643)
5-year-old female
Luna has this thing about people. She loves them and she can’t get enough. If you can be with her throughout the day, and if you have friends who stop by from time to time, Luna will thrive. However, as much as she likes people, she’s not crazy about other cats.


Alma (A05739274)
10-year-old female
Alma is a beautiful tortoiseshell and you can forget all those stories you’ve heard about torties having an attitude. Well… maybe she does have just a touch. She craves attention. But let’s be honest, who doesn’t? Love her, she loves you. That’s the deal.

If you are intrigued by the magic of these amazing cats, contact Maddies Adoption Center at the SF/SPCA at 415 -522-3500

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Ayoe said...

So many lovely black guys this month! Hope they, and all the rest, will find lovely homes!