Friday, June 18, 2010

Kittens, kittens everywhere! SFSPCA’s 1st Ever Adopt-A-Thon

It’s officially kitty season and you know what that means…an abundance of cats that are looking for a loving home and a little TLC. The SFSPCA is filled to capacity with adorable feline friends worthy of a serious heart-melting session and who are also part of the SFSPCA’s first-ever Adopt-A-Thon!

Join us in a history-making event for SFSPCA as we host our Adopt-A-Thon this Saturday, June 19th, from 10 a.m. to midnight. That’s right... we said MIDNIGHT! We’ll be up late in an effort to meet our goal of finding homes for 50 cats and recruiting 50 foster volunteers. Learn more about the available cats here and our kitty foster program here.

So be sure to stop by the SFSPCA to help us achieve some amazing goals for our first-ever Adopt-A-Thon!

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Cristian said...

I heard this was a huge success for the organizations---congrats!!!