Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trauma...Episode: Foster Kitten

The TV show Trauma, about paramedics here in San Francisco, may have been cancelled, but here at the San Francisco SPCA, we had our own version of an episode last week and it’s a heartwarming story of what a great group of people we have on staff here at the SFSPCA.

Our Foster Care Program thrives on the love and dedication our foster parents provide. Without these volunteers, thousands of lives would go unsaved. In addition to volunteers like you, from the community, a number of our staff are also foster parents...spending their days caring for animals here at our campus, then returning home to continue the same work.

Laura, a member of our Development Department, has been fostering kittens, giving them much needed TLC and attention to encourage healthy eating and growth. “The male was doing really poorly all day, had not eaten at all, and was fading in and out…I actually was convinced he was dying - he face planted into the water bowl and seemed to stop breathing,” she said. Laura found herself uncertain what to do – it was 1:00 am and she had no car, and her local taxi company was reporting an hour wait.

With a kitten she was concerned was fading quickly in her lap, she got on Facebook and immediately messaged one of our Shelter Medicine Vet Techs, Meagan, who was online. Several messages later, Meagan talked Laura through what was happening – a hypo-glycemic episode – and suggested Laura feed honey to get the kitten’s glucose levels up.

Through quick thinking and fast internet messaging, Laura got in touch with two of our Animal Care Attendants, Sarah and Jennifer, and they raced over to give her a ride into the City. Meanwhile, Meagan contacted Vet Tech Adam, who was manning the overnight shift at our own hospital, and arranged a 3:00 am intake.

Less than an hour later, the once-fading kitten was thriving in our hospital, and on his way to a full recovery.

He and his litter mates are now safely housed in our Shelter Medicine department, healthy again and gaining strength. This is an amazing story of the SFSPCA team coming together to save an animal’s life and it’s a tribute to people going above and beyond the call to help animals.

We hope our staff involved don't mind us calling them out here, but gosh -- we had to let you know how fantastic they are!

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