Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Catty's Day at the SFSPCA!!!


Mama Mia
I’m so shy that you may wonder how I became a teenage mother. Was it my glossy silver-blue coat that wowed the boys? Perhaps it was the way my luxurious tail whipped around my petite, lithe frame? Or maybe it was my piercing green eyes? Nah. My real charm lies in the way I grace you with my loud purr and make muffins in the air when you treat me just right. By right, I mean approaching me slowly and quietly, giving me cheek pets and chin rubs and then play with me! But I won’t give it up for just anybody; I’m looking for someone who can be quiet like me and will have the patience to let me settle into our new home in my own time.


Hi there. As you can see from my shiny black fur and bright green eyes, I’m descendended from the Black Irish. When you come in and meet me, I won’t be able to help myself from squeeking hello as I dance a jig around you. When you take me home, we’ll be friends ‘til the end, sharing snuggles, play time and even meals… I’ll share mine if you share yours! If you’re a cat-savvy character, who is down with the fact that I don’t want my belly rubbed, we should really talk over a pint this St. Paddy’s Day. Oh, and I’d like to be your only kitty, since I tested positive for FIV.


Gus and Sugarfoot
Are you looking for a striking pair to join your family? Well, look no further. My name is Sugarfoot and I bear an uncanny resemblance to the red-haired Irish beauty Maureen O’Hara. My beau Gus is a deadringer -- in looks and personality -- to the brooding Colin Farrell. It may be a May-December romance, but our love is true. Come see for yourself. I’ll great you at the door, while Gus watches us from his perch on the cat tree. We’ll both purr for you though… and reward you by rubbing our cheeks on your hands. Take us home and we’ll bring you the luck of the Irish!


Louie and Lidia

Come join us at the hearth as we pen a line or two of verse. We have the souls of Irish poets and think we see that same twinkle in your eyes. Whether it’s rainy nights recalling the misty moors or bright sunlight days caressing the reddish tresses of the Colleens, we’ll be there for you – quietly awaiting the muse. We love each other deeply. But true Irish love knows no limits. We have plenty left for you.



What’s all the fuss today? I’m not buying into it. Check out my coat. It’s orange. And so am I. The pride of Belfast. Boomer? That was a name given me by the oppressors. You can call me Bono, son of the chieftains. Change the world? Yes we can. Sing a song? Yes we can do that too. Live and long and happy life together? Sure and beggorah.

Come to the SFSPCA this St. Patricks Day and celebrate by taking home the love of your life!

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