Friday, March 20, 2009

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

When it comes to cats and the people that adore them, it's all a matter of what strikes the fancy. Some people like calicos, while others prefer black cats, torties or tabbies. Then there are those who like a kitty with a little meat on their bones or the ones that are sleek, skinny and statuesque. Some folks like high energy, others want a lap cat. The combinations of cat characteristics are positively endless!

With all of these varieties and so many unique situations that bring cats into homeless shelters all over the country, there are bound to be some that don't stand out as common varieties...of course that depends on who is looking at them. Beauty can be interpreted so many ways!

This week, The SFSPCA Cat Behavior Program would like to spotlight two gorgeously unique cats that need a special someone to take them home.


Isn’t this a great picture? Behind the scrunched up ears and tomcat exterior is a sweet and gentle cat that’s a bit under the radar here. He’s available for adoption, but because he’s a little shy and contemplative (loves to stare out the window, apparently deep in cat thoughts) he doesn’t attract that much attention. While he’s not the exactly the “life of the party”, he has a quiet, almost soulful side, that begs for appreciation. I know you’re out there. Come and adopt him and make him a part of your life!


Quentin is extremely lovable and affectionate, yet very dignified. He came to the SFSPCA as a surrender from a kind woman who found him on the streets. Quentin was suffering from horrible matts, a wound to his back and a badly infected left eye when he arrived. The SFSPCA Shelter Medicine staff shaved him down, treated his wound and immediately removed the bad eye that was making him very uncomfortable. Now, Quentin is a lot happier and purrs and eats immediately when you come to visit. He is going to need a home with a patient and loving person willing to cater to his sensitivity.

Here's a volunteer's perspective on Quentins' story:

Listen to the purr, the sound of a cat smiling.
Quentin stands to greet visitors. He cowers his head just a bit. It’s almost as if he’s trying to hide his face, which is off kilter and bears a diagonal scar where his left eye used to be. His skinny body is shaved, with hair remaining only on his head, his feet and the tip of his tail.
The room is filled with the sound of his purr. Quentin is smiling.
His name is taken from San Quentin Prison, the patch of cruel earth where he was found and brought to the SPCA by a warm-hearted woman.
Once here he was cleaned up. His badly matted fur shaved, a process so painful he had to be sedated. His left eye, suffering from a ruptured cornea and severe infection, had to be removed.
And still, just days later, he stands for visitors and smiles.
We don’t know the circumstances that took him to the prison. Was he a runaway? Was he lost? Was he taken there and abandoned? No matter what injustices he suffered at the hand of people — through cruelty or benign neglect — he stands before visitors and smiles.
He will be beautiful again. The sores on his skin are healing. His long grey fur will grow back. His scarred face will eventually take on a rakish charm. He will become less skittish. His body will fill out and perhaps he’ll learn to slow down and enjoy his meals, trusting that food will be regular and plentiful.
Surely you can see that when he stands before you and smiles.

If you are interested in adopting either of these two beautiful cats, please stop by Maddies Adoption Center at 250 Florida St. The center is open from 11 am to 6 pm. Seven days a week. or call, 415 522-3500 for more information about our adoption requirements, fees and hold policies.

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