Thursday, March 12, 2009

Socks "The First Feline"

By Daniel Quagliozzi

With presidential pets & hypoallergenic dogs being all the rage in the news these days, we thought we would pay our respects to Socks the cat, former presidential pal of the Clinton family. It's not that often that a cat makes it's way into the White House, at least in a time in our history where companion animals have reached a new level of appreciation and "on the go" dogs steal the spotlight from our home bound cats. Sure there were other presidents who had cats, but no one is quite as memorable as Socks.

Socks was adopted by the Clintons in 1991 after he jumped into the arms of Chelsea Clinton while she was leaving the house of her piano teacher in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was playing with his sibling, Midnight at the time. Midnight was later adopted by someone else. I guess he missed his chance to be a politician.

He traveled to many homes with the Clintons, including the governers mansion and the White House, all the while adapting to his new digs and sudden stardom with exhuberance. In fact, he was such a hit that children would write him letters that the White House staff answered with postcards, stamped with a paw print. Socks made public appearances and even rode a parade float in the Little Rock Christmas parade. The press loved Socks!

After the presidency and due to their busy work schedule, the Clintons allowed their secretary to take over as Sock's guardian, a role fullfilled until 2008 when he passed away from an ongoing battle with cancer.

Socks lived a wonderful life and brightened the days of many people around the world. the impact of just one animal on the masses is truly amazing. Thank you Socks for giving cats an ambassador they could be proud of!
Below is a video that documents the many magical moments of Socks the cat. Enjoy!

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