Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can't We All Just Get Along?


When we heard the news that Victoria Stilwell, star of "It's Me or the Dog" was coming to The SFSPCA, The cat behavior team was excited, scared and ready to admit that they were star struck fans who couldn't wait to meet her. We prepared by calling each other and making sure our outfits were coordinated. Just kidding.

Word was spreading fast that Victoria was taking a tour of our new Leanne B. Roberts Animal Care Center, so we acted instinctual and ran after her. After climbing three flights of stairs and speed walking half way across the building, we finally came face to face with her. Completely out of breath, red faced and feeling awkward, we introduced ourselves, made some small talk and asked for the picture you see above. Notice how she cozied right up to Jamey and left Daniel standing alone? Daniel sure does.

Why would two cat behavior guys be stalking a dog trainer like this? Maybe we were hoping she would give us our big break on TV? Perhaps we admired her skills of obedience training? I think we just wanted her to tell us to "go sit on our matts!" We would have done anything she asked, quite frankly.

Cat behavior and dog behavior do have some parallels and quite frankly it was an honor to meet someone who is educating the masses and doing it brilliantly. Rock on Victoria! You make the world a better place for pets!

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