Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Marking New Territory

By popular demand, the SFSPCA Cat Behavior Program is delighted to announce the addition of our new blog: "Litter Did you know". We hope that it will be a daily destination for fun loving feline fans with a sense of humor, a passion for shelter cats and a curiosity about the people that devote their lives to finding them forever homes. With this blog, the Cat Behavior Program will provide you with insight and advice about common behavior problems as well as an inside view of the cats and people that touch our hearts each day.

So, what can you expect in the near future?

  • The SFSPCA Cat Behavior Program will introduce you to Daniel & Jamey, our resident rock star cat behavior specialists. You'll be able to follow them on their daily adventures with the shelter cat's & kittens and get a birds eye view (no pun intended) of the behavior program.

  • We'll spotlight exciting new additions to our program and keep you up to date on upcoming events and services, such as our bi-monthly Cat Claw Clipping Clinic.

  • Special needs adoptable cats & kittens will be featured each week as well as heartwarming stories of the cats we have successfully placed in loving homes.

  • The behavior program will give guidance and provide useful tips on common behaviors that may be affecting the cat you share your life with.

So, please join us each day for a furfest of feline friends, fun and new fronteers!

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