Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hey Kitty, Are you talk'n to me?

Not your average Cat Behavior Specialists, Jamey Walker & Daniel Quagliozzi aka " The Jersey Boys" are exploring new horizons at The SFSPCA! Like two kindred & cat obsessed spirits, these two animal shelter super heroes followed similar paths in life and joined forces to help give a perspective of cat behavior that would make a difference in the lives of shelter cats and the people that adore them enough to give them a home.
Hailing from Northern New Jersey, Jamey followed his heart to the rainy streets of San Francisco in search of adventure. The change of life he was seeking was about to become very clear when he first stepped foot in the newly constructed Maddie's Pet Adoption Center. The connection he felt, just standing in the lobby, was truly magical. What followed that day was a long journey into many fields of animal welfare, including feline care, dog training assistance and coordination of canine housing. It was his passion for dog behavior that pointed him towards his biggest challenge ever, the homeless cats of the San Francisco SPCA.

Jamey is always searching for new and creative solutions for the cats in our shelter. " A broader insight into behavior will truly make a difference for our cats. If I can use education and cutting edge advice to keep an animal in a home, then I know I have helped to create change for the better good. It's all about the big picture", says Walker.
In his off time, Jamey enjoys eating (cheese and chocolate mostly), collecting random found objects to hang on his wall, riding his bike on flat surfaces and shopping for pants.


Also hailing from the mean streets of Northern New Jersey, Daniel made his way to out to San Francisco in 1997 with one prime objective: To create a life that would make a difference, not only for himself but for his community. Leaving behind the best pizza and cannoli's in the United States, Daniel forged a career in animal welfare after the dot com crash. With a fresh perspective on what's most important in life, he found himself volunteering at The SFSPCA as a cat socializer, a move that would pave the way for his position as an adoption counselor and outreach supervisor for the next five years. Naturally, as adoption counselor, Daniel was learning more and more about cat behavior each day. His transition from counselor to Cat Behavior Specialist felt as natural as claws to a brand new couch.

Daniel has ambitions of bringing The SFSPCA Cat Behavior Program to a level of creativity, never before seen by shelters across the country. When asked what was most important to him, Daniel stated; " What we learn from just one cats behavior can help the rehabilitation of thousands more and ultimately save more lives. Cats are amazing teachers! The trick is being patient enough to learn from them".

Daniel Quagliozzi spends his time away from the shelter with his incessantly vocal senior cat Matilda and his patient wife Akemi. His interests include Heavy Metal, Japanese pop culture, tattooing, Buddhism and watching The Sopranos to feel like he's back home again. In addition, Daniel is also attending City College, majoring in Sociology.

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