Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tales from a Foster Parent.....Goodbye and Hello...

Onion and BBQ weighed in at a little over two pounds last week so I emailed Alison and set up a time to take them in and get them ready for the adoption center. We all said our goodbyes and packed them in their little carrier and I drove them to the SFSPCA. Before going in I filled out an information sheet on each of the kittens, information for the adoptive parents that outlined any special needs the kittens had. These two ate well, both wet and dry food and were healthy and friendly so I knew they would be adopted quickly. And they were, Monday morning I heard back that Onion and BBQ had been adopted out over the weekend. I’m so happy because I know they will make really good pets.

While I was dropping the kittens off, my husband was at home disinfecting the kittens room so that we couldreceive new ones. So right after Alison received Onion and BBQ, she brought me out three new foster kittens to take home. Stewart, Samson and Selena came home with me that day. The sad moment of giving two kittens over was replaced by excitement at having three new tiny kitties.

The first day the kittens were shy, just as Onion and BBQ had been. They hid in their box and ate hesitantly. We gave them space, but frequently dropped by their room to pick them up and pet them a little. The next morning they hid in the box when I came in, but by the end of that same day they were running out to meet us and crying a little for our attention.

Samson is the smallest of the three and we have to keep our eye on him. He cries more and this distresses our resident cat a little. When I put the food out, Selena and Stewart tend to push him out of the way so I have to feed Samson first and apart from the others sometimes. And since the kittens are so young, they still want to suckle and they have chosen Samson’s stomach as the place to suckle. I wrote to Alison about it and she gave me some good advice, but that behavior seems to be dropping off on its own.

By now we have adjusted to each other. Its still entertaining to us to see the slightly uncoordinated kittens play and fall over each other. When we visit them, they all tilt their heads to look at us. They sleep in one little lump and meow together at me when they see me preparing the food. I’m getting a routine down with the kittens but I hope their cuteness never loses its charm on me.

I feel so fortunate to get to do this.


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Annie Tsai said...

sooooooooo cute!

Kelly T said...

Thank you Brenda.