Friday, May 21, 2010

the Office Dog Chronicles...episode Piglet

Sometimes, the shelter can be a boring place for a young, active dog. Luckily, sometimes offices can be a bit dull as well. A few San Francisco SPCA staff have opened their office doors (and floors) to special dogs in the adoption center - special guys and gals that could use a break from the hustle and bustle, and all the new faces peering in at them.

This morning, Piglet decided to spend some time with one such SFSPCA staff member.

Piglet's an active teenager, who just can't get enough of his long runs and training sessions with volunteers.  His zest for life and energetic personality are a fabulous match for an active lifestyle, but unfortunatly, don't make for the most peaceful stay in the shelter.  Spending time in an office helps to break the daily routine, while giving us a peek into how a dog like this will do once settled into a home of his own.
Office time has been good for this guy...he got to snooze on the dog bed with all four feet in the air, followed by a delicious Kong snack.


He's hoping to learn to use the fax machine.

As much as we love having him in the office, though, we'd rather him apply for a job as your best friend...

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