Friday, May 14, 2010

Following the life of a kitten foster family...

Spring is upon the Bay Area, and with those sunny skies, longer days and milder weather comes the inevitable pitter patter of little feet…kitten season.
As the warm weather coincides with female cats' heat cycles, female cats go into heat and male cats come running from near and far. By April, newborn kittens are brought to the shelter too young to be adopted — under eight weeks old — and shelter staff must find a way to provide them with the extra care and socialization they need during their first few weeks of life. That’s where you can step in and lend a huge helping hand.

The Foster Care Program is designed as a lifeline for animals who have a chance at survival, but are simply too young for adoption, or may be recovering from an injury or illness, and cannot yet enter the general population of the adoption center. With the love and care of devoted foster parents, these helpless animals are given a second chance for life.

We're thrilled to introduce you to a new member of our family - Brenda. Brenda is a new member of our Foster Parent ranks, and she'll soon be welcoming her first foster kittens into her home! Brenda will be posting with us on a regular basis, keeping the world aprised of the kittens' progress, growth and adorable photos. 

Welcome Brenda!  We're looking forward to your musings....

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