Tuesday, November 3, 2009

CAT BEHAVIOR MAIL BAG: Rockstar Feline "Vincent"


Dear SF/SPCA Cat Behavior Program,

We adopted "Taurus" about a year ago from your facility. He has been renamed "Vincent". He was shaved with a lion cut when we first adopted him and he has since grown out most of his fur. He is not fully fluffed yet and is continuing to grow everyday and has blossomed from a 4lb furball into a muscly 15 lb man.

In addition to sleeping with us at night, Vincent greets all of our friends with love and lap warming snuggles. He gets oils and vitamins for his fur, waterless shampoo, Cat wipes and furminated as well as tooth brushing on a consistent basis. Frequent trips to the vet and a great diet have been a lot of work, but as you can tell from the pictures our hardwork has paid off and he has almost completely regrown his facial mask (the area around his ears was almost completely bald). He's so soft and has such a luxurious coat that our friend turns the hair we furminate off of him into yarn and knits with it. It also helps prevent hairballs and mats.


When we're away, he gets to go to Pet Camp and is with other cats which he loves. He loves other cats and dogs, especially. He has even helped us rehabilitate a neighbor's unfriendly somewhat vicious cat when she stayed with us. Together, we transformed her into a lovebug by the time we sent her back to live with her family.


He truly is the most loving, adorable cat in the world and has a huge following in our community. He's the most intelligent cat We've ever known! He opens cabinet doors (until we put baby locks on them) and has learned tricks like jumping through the "hoop of fire" (a ring with ribbon around it), hopping onto a stool and posing like a seal and he even poses for photos without any positioning or prompting/etc. He does not spray, scratch furniture, dig, knock things off the counter-any of the other stuff that people usually complain about.

He watches movies and LOVES to watch Daniel play video games. He eats my homework at all the right moments.

In short, We wanted to thank you and your staff for saving our best friend.

We owe you one,

Daniel and Dellaena

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