Wednesday, November 25, 2009

31 Cats of Christmas

Today we are kicking off the “31 Cats of Christmas”: a countdown challenge as we try to find one kitten or a cat a home every day until Christmas.

We’ve received a sudden influx of kittens and cats at the SF/SPCA, so we are asking for your help to save an animal’s life by giving them the gift of a home for the holidays.
Each day throughout the holidays, we’ll feature an adoptable kitty or cat. Please help us spread the word about our precious 31 Cats of Christmas by sharing the cat’s stories and photos with your friends on Facebook and Twitter or by visiting the Macy’s holiday windows adoption program from now until January 3, 2010.


Help save an animal’s life by giving yourself the ultimate holiday gift of a companion!Sweet 8 year old Luigi. Talk about a distinguished fellow. Luigi is a man who enjoys the finer things in life...a soft bed, a warm scratch on the chin, soft nuzzled (okay - those he gives you). He was found roaming the streets of our fine city, without a care in the world. This guy is confident and steadfast, but with a heart of gold once you've given him 10 seconds in your lap. He'd prefer to be the only pet in the home - he feels his love is exactly the perfect amount for anyone. His rough exterior is hiding a loving cat that loves to sit on a warm lap and nuzzle with his best human friends. Partying may not be his everyday agenda but he makes up for it with his graceful affinity for being cuddly and cute!

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