Saturday, November 28, 2009

31 cats of Christmas #4 & 5


A pair of faces! Luigi and Jeremy - a pair of 6 yr old brothers that have been hanging out, waiting for the love of their lives to scoop them up. These boys fell on hard times when their owner lost his housing, and are now hoping for a new home to take them in. They're sweet and gentle, and make terrific lap warmers! Luigi, the jet black stealthy guy, is a little shyer than his bro, and depends on him to tell him what's what. Jeremy, in true social cat fashion, will wiggle right up to you for ear and chin scratches upon contact.

Once you've spent a few moments with these boys, you'll be wondering how your home could be complete without them. They are the favorites of so many of our volunteers, and frankly, we're unsure why they are still with us. Come meet these two sweet fellows today and make them a part of your life..

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