Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Life and Hard Times of "Kitty Gaga", formerly Jennyanydots

By Daniel Quagliozzi


Wow, sometimes it just boggles the mind that a cat so great, and so full of personality and so young (3 years old), sits in a shelter, just waiting for the right person to come in and take her home. Is it just that the stars have not been aligned? Is it her name? Is there some cosmic reason a unique beauty with spunk, admirable energy and a zest for playing hard is just spending her days looking out the window, as if to say, " my life partner is out there somewhere!"


Kitty Gaga. formerly Jennyanydots is not your average cat by any means. She does require a little guidance along the road of feline/ human partnership. What does that mean, you ask? Well, this is a cat that pretty much owns the room when you are with her. She commands her space like a captain is in control of a huge navy vessel. She calls the shots and demands proper attention on her terms, not yours. Sometimes, she communicates her needs & dislikes with her mouth. " PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!" She's the perfect cat for someone who can give her the space to be herself, provide her with outlets, not only for play but also for visual stimulation and someone able to read her signals before she has to go to such extremes. Jennyanydots will be a much happier cat if she can get out of the confines of shelter life and on to some new adventures.

Cats like Kitty Gaga are challenging to place because we like to be completely honest about their needs and to some people, that can be a tall order. It's not impossible to work with a play aggressive cat. You just have to be consistent with training and give them alternatives to focus on. Our special kitty Gaga just wants to play by her own rules. There's no reason that you can't interject some of your own with a little finesse.

We hope that by posting this blog about her, we can finally get her out of the shelter she has called home for six months. Calling all cat lovers. This Rock star deserves your special home.

If you are interested in adopting this special cat, please call 415 522-3500 for more details. Act now before we change her name!

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HLaurie said...

Such a great post about one of the most lovable, sassy animals I've ever met. You couldn't have described her any better. Kind of brought me close to tears.