Friday, August 7, 2009

Why Is It Cuter To Spay & Neuter?


Overpopulation of cats is a huge concern, not just in the Bay Area but in shelters across the country. Quite simply, the more animals sterilized by spay & neuter surgery, the less homeless cats and dogs will wind up in shelters, live in feral colonies or create an epidemic of strays that carry diseases. In extreme cases cats are often euthanized for space, time and undersocialization which makes them un-adoptable or extremely hard to place in compatible living situations.

So, why should YOU spay & neuter????

• Spay/neuter surgery has health and behavior benefits. It removes reproductive organs that often cause cats to have medical problems in later life.

• Spaying reduces the risk that a female cat will suffer from mammary tumors and uterine cancer. It eliminates the risk of complications from pregnancy.

• Neutered males won’t develop prostate problems or testicular cancer.

• Altered cats are more relaxed pets, because they are not driven to mate, and they are less inclined to defend territory and spray. They are less apt to fight with other animals. They are not as likely to roam, so there’s less chance they will get lost, injured or killed.

• Neutered cats are less apt to urinate or spray in the house.

• Altered cats have fewer behavior issues.

• Contrary to popular belief, altering does not spoil your pet’s personality. Nor does it make your pet fat and lazy.

• Spay/neuter surgery also has humane benefits. It saves lives by preventing unwanted litters and homeless animals.

It's a myth that cats should have one litter before spaying:

• Motherhood does not make for a better pet; having a litter doesn’t necessarily result in a calmer cat.

• There are advantages to altering at an early age.

• Early spay/neuter surgery ensures that a cat won’t reproduce.

• Animals altered at an early age seem to recover more quickly and painlessly that those altered later on.

• There is less surgical trauma, faster recovery and fewer complications with early spay/ neuter surgery.

Still wondering why its cuter to Spay & Neuter? I didn't think so! Contact the San Francisco SPCA Spay & Neuter Program.


To make an appointment, call 415.554.3030
Leanne B. Roberts Animal Care Center201 Alabama StreetSan Francisco, CA 94103
Open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. (except holidays)
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