Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BONDED PAIRS: A San Francisco Tradition!

By Daniel Quagliozzi

At the San Francisco SPCA, we believe ALL feline bonded pairs should be recognized equally, whether they are one male and one female, two males, two females or even one cat and one dog. Bonded pairs are twice the fun, easier to keep happy through life's unpredictable transitions and let's not forget double the love!

What is a "bonded pair"?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, cats that have lived together for many years are displaced and surrendered to animal shelters, where they are forced to adjust to sudden changes and find a new home. At least they still have each other, right?

Simply put, two cats that will be incomplete without each other are a bonded pair. In some cases, they are un-adoptable on their own. The pain of being alone makes their behavior regress and their life condition take a turn for the worse. Illness, depression and lack of socialization will soon take over, leaving no inkling of the cats they once were together.

In many shelters across the country, keeping two cats together is unrealistic, due to space and time constraints. At The SF/SPCA, our adoption staff will not separate a bonded pair for a quick or convenient housing solution. Our experience has taught us that separating a bonded pair is, quite simply, inhumane. Instead, we do everything in our power to place these animals in a loving home where their bond is respected and where their love (and the human-animal bond) will flourish.

It’s not always easy or cost effective to respect a bonded pair. We accept that we might be criticized for our adoption policy. But this is San Francisco. And if we don’t lead the way, who will?



Sugarfoot & Gus

Like many victims of the poor economy, Sugarfoot & Gus lost their home and were estranged from the people they learned to love together. They wound up at San Francisco Animal Care & Control where they would wait for placement into the SF/SPCA Adoption Program. Shyness, loss of appetite and extreme fear had seemingly taken over for them. With the assistance of our volunteers, staff and Cat Behavior Team; Sugarfoot & Gus baby stepped their way back to the affectionate and quirky couple they once were. They are still looking for a happy ending to this story. Add two more reasons to wake up in the morning to your daily routine.



Defying all odds, Puff Daddy & Norman did not come in to the SF/SPCA as buddies. Instead, they found their precious bond through a life threatening disease called FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) Although FIV cats are compromised and may live shorter lives, it does not change the ties that bond two animals together. It's our job as humans to keep these cats indoors and smothered with love and proper medical attention in order to give them the quality of life that they will need to carry on. The SF/SPCA will pair off cats with FIV to help make room for even more cats that need our attention. Luckily, these two cats, bonded by blood... got along famously!


Puff Daddy gets his very appropriate name because like most "Tom Cats" he came in to shelter life from a prior life outdoors. His male pheromones inflated his cheeks, making his head sort of look like a triangle. Thankfully, it has since deflated. Puff Daddy's charm, zest for play and commitment to his buddy Norman make him a solid addition to a home that wants to watch a zany comedy unfold each day.


Norman is no slouch either. He demands attention from people and will sort of compete with Puff Daddy when it comes to being the center of attention. In the very first picture, you can see Puffy sneering at Norman after a quick argument about lunch. They get over it real fast and will soon be affectionately cleaning each other in the picture window. Norman prefers to go first, of course and won't waste his time unless he has an audience.

The San Francsico SPCA takes great pride in keeping bonded pairs together. Support this great cause by inviting a twosome into your home. Your life will change. I promise you.

If you would like more information about:

Sugarfoot (A7078656) & Gus (A7078619)

Puff Daddy (A7343894) & Norman (A7279115)

Call our Adoption Center at 415-522-3500 and ask for more details about these incredible pairs.

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