Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cat Behavior Team Adds New Roomate

By Daniel Quagliozzi

Keeping with the tradition of "Offspicing" (Office Foster Hospice) special needs cats that enter the SFSPCA, the Cat Behavior Team has made room for our newest addition, Messier!


Messier was living in a home with a very busy lifestyle, toddlers running about and more noise then he could handle. As a result, he made a turn for the worse and took to a routine of hiding and not eating, a behavior problem very common in homes with infants and cats. He was treated in the Leanne B. Roberts Animal Care Center for malnutrition and revived back to good health with the assistance of a feeding tube and the amazing vet technicians in the hospital.


Now, Messier has taken up residence in the Cat Behavior office and is doing much better! He eats his meals with gusto, plays with exuberance and doesn't miss an opportunity to lay across a keyboard when someone happens to be working, instead of paying attention to him. k$*sJ8E%##!....See, Messier did that!!

With his feeding tube now removed and his energy level back to normal, Messier is on his way to adoption. He will be made available as soon as his appetite stabilizes.

Be on the look out for Messier if you want to adopt an extremely affectionate lap cat with a zest for play and a passion for laying on his back when the sun is shining on his favorite spot on the cat tree. We'll keep you all posted on his availability, which should be very soon!

COMING SOON: Our guide for cats & kids living in harmony!

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