Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Cat Behavior Blog Amazes The San Francisco Chronicle

Wow... it's been a milestone week for the Cat Behavior Program! We are proud to announce that not only has "Litter Did You Know' been featured on the front page of three times, but it is among the top ten most read blogs achieving over 14,000 page views for the month of March! You can find our blog in the pets section. Just in case you want to read it twice.


MESSIER The OFFICE CAT is fully recovered and ready for adoption!

After a long road of recovery, Messier our resident Maine Coon has graduated from not eating at all to stealing bear claw pastries from the top of our file cabinet. Imagine our surprise when we found a giant hole eaten through the bag and half of the bear claw devoured! It's been a pleasure getting to know Messier but he is just feeling too well to live in our office. It's time for him to go to a real home. How about your's?

Messier is a beautiful Maine Coon that came to the SFSPCA after having a hard time living with children. He actually got so stressed out that he stopped eating and had to be revived with the help of a feeding tube. Now, he's back in action and happy to go home to a house free of toddlers. He loves petting all over his body, especially his tummy and will roll over. Despite being declawed, Messier is hard player and will love to get some playtime each day as well as some sleepytime when hes done. A great match for a home that wants a loverboy in their lap every minute of the day

If you are interested in adopting Messier (A07422587 ) Call 415 522-3500 and talk to our Adoption Services staff.

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