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Every Wednesday, The SF/SPCA Cat Behavior Program is going to give you the scoop (no pun intended) on what's happening inside and outside of the shelter. This week, we have some very exciting technological new additions, a wonderful sponsor and a brand new roommate coming to the Cat Behavior Office.


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We are very proud to announce a totally fun sponsor of the SFSPCA. This week, the Cat Behavior Program salutes the makers of LOLMagnetz!


Breadpig, the company behind a superhero pig with wings, has developed something pretty cool. Take all the fun of LoL Cats and put it on your fridge! You love cats right? You must have a fridge too!??! Why not bring your love of cats and silly cat-speak to your fridge or what the heck...stick the magnets on your lunchbox or your friends car. The possibilities are endless.


Proceeds from the sales will benefit The SF/SPCA. It's not wholly selfless, you see, because Breadpig hopes these animals will one day find loving homes and have the chance to be LOLified just like all the ones photographed and uploaded on their website.
Visit to purchase a set for yourself!


So, now that Messier has moved on to Adoption-land, we have an opening for another cat that needs our help. This month, we will be entertaining Casey, a 14 year old declawed Himalayan who was left behind after his owner passed away. The SF/SPCA SIDO Program stepped in to make sure Casey would be well cared for after he was left without a caretaker. For more information about The SIDO program and how it can help you and your beloved companions, call 415 554-3027 or click here :


Casey is going to have some lab work done and relax in our office while we wait for the results. Like most senior cats, Casey has some medical concerns that we need to explore before we can find the ideal home for him. In the meantime, we can enjoy his company.


Our beautiful and distinguished lady, Maya is back after she had a disagreement with the cats in her prospective home. She needs a home with low activity and someone to love her up. Her legs are little stiff so an environment with no climbing and a level playing field would be ideal.


Sugarfoot & Gus are still here waiting for a home. You may be asking how two gorgeous cats could be still be sitting here? You're not alone in that question.

This Just in! Sugarfoot & Gus were adopted today (4/15/09)!!!! Woohoooo!!!


The amazing BILLY! Poor guy had to take a hiatus in Shelter Care to overcome a cold. Now he's back and better than before. He may look a little rough around the edges, but he's all butter and practically melts in your hands.


Quentin the one eyed Miracle cat! We thought we had him in a home but the adopter had allergies that he was unaware of. Come take this beautiful boy off our hands. He's tired of being teased. Quentin needs you.

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